15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

                   We all know more than a billion users use the internet daily. You can almost do anything online from earning money to ordering Clothes and much more. Did you know that there are many interesting facts about the internet? So let’s increase our knowledge by knowing some Amazing internet facts.

                   All these sources are extracted from different internet source…, ohoo again internet help me then what are you looking for let's jump into the amazing internet fact that we don’t know

                  In internet ever thing is in the form of websites or blogs but did you know what the first website that is created on the internet is …   

1. World’s First website, Created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 and is still running.

That was really amazing because it is still RUNNING…..
              We all know YouTube has million billions of videos but did you know what is the first YouTube video that was uploaded on YouTube.

2. The first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, and its called “Me at the zoo” and features Jawed Karim, one of the founders, at the SAN DIEGO ZOO.

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

The title was really crazy. But now we think so much for putting the title for YouTube video.[all is because of SEO ha ha...

              Google has very strict copyright rules in all its services in that YouTube also included. that’s why YouTube banned us when we copy some one’s content. Its all because of below amazing factors see it…

3. YouTube's copyright-checking software scans over 100 years of video every day.

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

100 years wow it was really amazing am I not correct??

                         Present there are so many domains are available like .com, .in, .xyz, .online, .net, .ooo, .co.in, etc but did you know what is the first domain registered.

4. The first domain registered was symbolics.com

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

We all believe marriages are made in heaven but now they are made on the Internet...

5. one of six marriages today occur because the couple met online.What about your marriage??

6. Earth covered almost 35% of water like that on the Internet  about 37% is the porn 

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

7. There are more than 1 million websites on Internet.

                   My family has 4 members, some families have 3 or 5 some times more than 5 but below family has billions of peoples

8. Facebook has an estimated 1.2 billion Active users, i.e about 17% of the population in on Facebook.

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

       That’s why very marketer show more interest on facebook
What is your domain name if it is dot com your are one of the members in below number

9. Over 100,000 dot com domains are a register on the web daily.

Probably main is .in i.e madengineer.in

                 Did you think at any time, when you are searching on the internet along with you how many people’s are searching on internet.

10. Every day, 16% of searches that occur are ones that Google has never seen before.

Google has so many photos but what was the first picture

11. First ever photo uploaded on the Internet.

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know

Below one is not the amazing fact it was a big size fact.

12. The Internet is growing by an Exabyte of data every day.

                   If that didn’t hit you as hard as expected let me put it this way, an Exabyte equals 250 million DVDs.

Did you know which country has the highest proportion of internet

13. Sweden has the highest proportion of Internet users, i.e 75%.

                    After completion of website or blog building with a certain amount of content we do Google index for ranking but how many of you know how much content in Google is not indexed

14. Only 4% of internet could be surfed using Simple browsers and is not indexed by Google. Other content is incl. in the Darknet and is not indexed in Google results.

                   How many views do you get for one video on YouTube?? probably very less when compared to below fact

15. Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on YouTube. It broke all the records ever made and its current view count is 2,363,732,503 views.

15 Amazing internet facts you need to know
   2,363,732,503 views = how much $$$$$$$$$

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