Are you good at Engineering and Latest Technologies? We are looking for writers (with technical knowledge and written English skills) to develop new tutorials and articles for us. We intend to pay per article developed.
If you believe you are a good fit for developing Electronics and engineering based Tutorials and Articles – do contact us!
Apply to us if you are good at any of the following sections:-
1.Engineering PROJECTS(major and mini projects)

2.latest technology articles (Gadgets,Future trends,Current developments in tech etc.)

3. Insights of old and new technology Gadgets.

4.Inspiring and Innovation stories Of father of Technologies and Engineering.  
5. Arduino, Raspberry Pi ,IOT,3D Printing,Eco-bikes etc..based Projects and articles.
6. Electronics,mechanical,civil,electrical Technology Geek – cover latest happenings in Electronics,mechanical,civil,electrical Industries.
7. Micro controller Expertise – to develop projects on 8051, AVR, ARM, PIC and other controllers! 

Payment Structure

We offer payment per article. We usually pay starting from INR 25 to INR 100 or higher depending upon the article/project quality. We work on a “collaborative” model – where one of our editors will work with you to finalize on the articles/projects to be developed. You need to develop the article only after you get the final word from our editors. Our editors will pre-fix the payment with you before developing the article.
Looking forward to hear from you! Apply via direct email hello@madengineer.in

When you apply, do mention the following:

1. Your Name.
2. Your Residing Country and state.
3. Your Educational Qualification and Background.
4. Your Professional Details.
5. Your Area of Expertise  (say Arduino, Embedded, 8051, Analog, Tech News etc)

6. Mention on what type of article you want to write(like innovation stories,knowledge base,diy projects,articles etc.)

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  1. Is there any other field in which articles are accepted and paid for other than Electronics and programming ?

    1. thanks for your comment.
      we updated our contents in WRITE AND EARN tab,please go through it.